AU Rivals Amateurs Series #26

  • 13 joueur Double Elimination  
  • Rivals of Aether  
  • 24 September 2018 à 20:00 AEST  
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If you have any questions about the Australian Rivals Amateur Series, please DM @OSU#3518 on Discord.

Unlike other Academy events, we will be running this out of the Aus-Smash Discord. If you're not in there, you may be DQed at any time. 

Basic rules:

Australian and New Zealand entrants only. Low-mid level players only (up to the discretion of the TO). 

3 stocks, 8 minutes.

Best of 3 until top 8. Top 8 is best of 5 (unless in the case of low numbers, which will then instead be top 6 bo5 at the discretion of the TO).

DSR: A player cannot counterpick to a stage that they have already won on.

A DQ or ban can be given to anyone for being too slow to complete their matches.

After signing up, you must check in on Challonge during the 30 minute period before the tournament begins. If you do not check in, you will be automatically removed from the bracket when the tournament begins.

Low-mid level players only. Seeding is based on statistics and region if you've entered before, or guesswork if you haven't.

Top 13 on our most Recent PR are banned from entering. A link to our latest PR can be found here:

Smurfs and/or secondaries from known players are 100% prohibited and will result in a ban from all Australian online tournaments, with duration up to discretion of the head TO. This rule will never be circumvented for anybody. 

Connection issues will all need to be played out unless there is video proof of SERIOUS, HUGE ping spiking. Alternatively, you may request a TO to investigate any potential connection issues by having both yourself and your opponent connect to a lobby with the TO. After the tournament the TO staff may vet the people who had reported connections and potentially bar them from future events.

Refrain from harassment of other players in chat before or after the game. What constitutes poor conduct is fully up to TO discretion, so keep your manners in check. Breaking this rule can get you disqualified here as well as banned from future events.

Résultats finaux

Gagnant du tournois: Link2411
Digne adversaire: pls no ban | Glace
Peut-être la prochaine fois: the ammy wrastor

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